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Video conferencing tools updated

Our video conferencing tools have been upgraded and now work across all major web browsers. We'll be extending this functionality to our soon-to-be released mobile apps too.


  • New video conferencing experience
  • Better support for a wider variety of web browsers
  • Additional security features

Payment records for Appointments and Event Participants

Payment records are now available for appointments and event participants with full support for transactions via Stripe, cash, card terminal and more.


  • New Payments link in the main navigation
  • Ability to add any type of payment record to appointments and event participants
  • Coming soon: generate payment receipts and send automatically

Extended public listing pages

A new set of public pages are now available for paid accounts. You can now link to dedicated listing pages for events and questionnaires in addition to our recent release for appointment calendars.


  • Added a new public event listing page at https://<your_subdomain>.welloca.com/e
  • Added a new public questionnaire listing page at https://<your_subdomain>.welloca.com/q
  • Fixed a UI bug in the event booking modal after a library upgrade

New public calendar listings

Based on recent customer feedback, there was a request to have a listings page that showed all publicly available appointment calendars for an account. This is useful if you do not yet have a public website or want to advertise unique links on social media to a hosted page containing all your booking information.


  • Added a new public calendar listings page at https://<your_subdomain>.welloca.com/cal
  • Fixed a bug with lightboxes and slideovers after a library update

Dark mode support

We've just released dark mode support for Welloca! Users can specify their preferred theme in their profile as System, Dark, or Light themes. When set to System, the theme will match the OS theme and change when the OS theme changes.


  • Added dark mode support
  • Improved settings area for configuring subdomains
  • Improved handling of account subdomain after logging in

Changelog v1.0

We've just released our new Changelog website to keep customers updated on improvements and modifications to Welloca. For anyone technically minded, we're using the excellent commit project template from the amazingly talented Tailwind team.